mercoledì 13 agosto 2014

Life, Lavoro, Luca..... and Sophie

Is two and a half years too long? Can a person really FORGET they have a blog, stumble across it by mistake whilst searching the web, and spend an entire afternoon devouring accounts of their previous life history? The answer is yes, because this is what I have just done. Wow, I was whiney back then! So, what to say? Since I last updated this blog, Sophie has grown into a wonderful, funny, talkative (mamma mia she can ramble on!) three and a half year-old who is 100% bi-lingual and not afraid to show it! Luca has taken on a new business (a Baita close to Lake Como), which I, in turn am likely to ramble on about in future posts (so that's where Sophie gets it!), and we have moved house again. Maybe twice. I really can't remember.... I am still in the same job (slightly embarassing) but can't complain as I really enjoy the working atmosphere and have made some friends-for-life in what, to the outside world, can seem a fairly dog-eats-dog industry. As I write this from the office during the usual August slow-down, my parents are back at my apartment taking care of Sophie before we jet off tomorrow to spend 8 days at their house in England. Cornwall to be exact, which just happens to be one of my favourite places in the world, so it's All Good. We will miss Luca (the restaurant has to stay open all month) but will certainly enjoy a change of scenery. The view from my city outskirts office block during one of the worst summers on record is starting to look a little tired and I'm keen for Sophie to get some nice Atlantic air into her lungs! Despite having completely left my own blog in tatters, I have recently become a bit of a fan of a couple of UK-based mummy blogs (the sarcastic kind, not the "we like doing arts and crafts and baking" kind...), which might just provide me with inspiration to get back in the saddle. So, if there is anybody out there at all, maybe tune in again - and you might just find that I am enjoying life a lot more than in previous episodes. I may even manage to be whine-free, who knows??