lunedì 22 ottobre 2007

Che giornataccia!!

Right, that's it. I think this is what is known as 'the limit'. For those of you who know me and haven't seen / heard from me in about a gazillion years, this is why - I have turned into a lean, mean working machine, programmed to churn out presentations, capable of interacting exclusively with excel spreadsheets and interested in making genuine human contact only when I get the opportunity to wind down my car window and shout "Che cazzo fai, stronzo?!" It's a sad state of affairs. I realise I am by no means the only person in the world - or in this city for that matter - who is stressed out by the ups and downs of everyday life, but I'm starting to think that I might need some sort of an outlet for the aggression which I feel accumulating in my blood minute by minute. Maybe yoga? A cat? (to stroke, not kick..) Any suggestions?
I don't like to talk too much about work in my blog - more than anything because you never know who might be reading it - but suffice to say it's an agressive, competitive environment where everyone is under pressure and people are more likely to listen to you if your contribution involves a certain amount of 'strong language'. My team is all male (apart from me!) and when you get them all in a room together to talk about targets / budgeting / deadlines etc., the testosterone is enough to make your head spin. And God help he who tries to duck out of the office before 7 o'clock in the evening oooooooo!! Add to that the fact that I am forced to fight it out on the roads as I need my car to get to clients (Milan is roadrage central) and often spend 20 minutes driving around in endless circles at 8:30 in the morning in an attempt to park my car within 20 miles of the office...
Blimey I feel better already! On the up side, Luca's bringing home his mum's Cannelloni for dinner - and I'm on my third glass of prosecco... Happy Monday!!

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katerinafiore ha detto...

You seems so stressed, i can feel your stress level here. I drove in Firenze when I worked there, I know the feeling you are having with traffic...not completely but mostly. Drink more wine!!

Emmina ha detto...

hmmm i was a bit stressy yesterday! Sorry about that! The cannelloni really helped...!

Astrid ha detto...

Hahaha, driving in Milan (or italy as a whole) is so much like what you just described :)

After 2 years in Milan my Norwegian polite manner of driving had been completely forgotten and I was constantly uttering and showing rude gestures like everyone else.

Oh, how I miss and love Italy!

Pola ha detto...

I loved this post. nd I love Milan, too.
But I don't think I am enough zen to move to Milan and stay mentally sane.