martedì 20 novembre 2007

Three cheers for Ikea!!

Ikea have recently announced that this year anyone who buys a real Christmas tree from any of its stores in Italy will be provided with a living tree and instructions on how to keep it alive. After Christmas, you can then return the live tree and you will receive a voucher for its original cost to spend in store. The tree will then form part of a new butterfly farm, to be built in a national park in the province of Udine. This initiative has been launched in collaboration with Friends of the Earth and the Comune di Bordano. The original press release and other information can be found in the links below.
What can I say? If you live in Italy, get your tree from Ikea.... and tell your friends!!!

3 commenti:

Delina ha detto...

Brava Ikea. Is the voucher for the whole cost of the tree back, or just part I wonder? To give you the whole cost of the tree back sounds too unprofitable for Ikea...

We've kept our tree alive from last year.

Emmina ha detto...

Apparently the voucher is for the full price of the tree. I guess Ikea gains also from the fact that, even though you might go into the store with a 10 euro voucher in hand, most people will spend much more - I know that when I go to Ikea to buy one product, I always end up with a trolley-full of stuff!
The great thing about this is that if you live in an apartment and don't have the space to keep your tree, you can still do your bit for the environment.

Alessandro ha detto...

nice blog! i really like to read about the city i miss so much!