giovedì 17 aprile 2008

Can't get enough

I have an addiction. There, it's out. I said it.
I worry that my work is suffering, as I can't seem to concentrate on what I'm doing, and my social life (whatever was left of it) has taken a nose-dive as I rush home each night to get my fix. I'm going to bed way later than I should, and there is a permanent pile of washing up in the sink.
If you wish to share in my addiction, please visit

Having discovered her only recently (I know, I'm slow off the mark) , I decided to start reading from the very first post, and after two weeks, have made it to December 2005. Petite Anglaise - the book - should currently be winging its way across the Channel, courtesy of Amazon, so don't expect me to be sociable for the next few weeks - I'm far too busy!
This stuff should carry a health warning...

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Anne in Oxfordshire ha detto...
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Anne in Oxfordshire ha detto...

Oh dear you have got it bad !!! :-)You have a lot of reading to do.

You will love the book...I read mine in a few days...couldn;t put it down.

Anonimo ha detto...

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