venerdì 1 agosto 2008

Statistically speaking

Browsing through my site stats yesterday, I was very amused at the weird and wonderful ways in which you folks out there end up on Life, Lavoro & Luca. It would appear that most of the visitors to this site are innocent victims, in search of serious factual information regarding life in Italy. Not that what I write isn’t ever factual or serious - anzi, most of the time I am genuinely NOT KIDDING – but I am well aware that this blog isn’t a fountain of culinary / cultural / historical information, and realistically I’m not bothered.
Amusingly enough, it would appear that there are a huge number of cute waiters / barmen by the name of Luca, who appear to be breaking hearts up and down the land. Not a day goes by when I don’t see a search along the lines of “Luca cute waiter Rome”, or “Bar Sorrento Luca gorgeous”. For those of you who haven’t realised it for yourselves, believe me when I say they’re not worth it!! He probably has a handful of cute foreigners on the go, not to mention a wife, 3 children and a girlfriend on the side. Italian men really are the world champions of ‘screwus overus’.

What I would be really interested to know however, is whether the people who reached Life, Lavoro & Luca via the following searches ever found what they were looking for. Answers on a postcard please....

- what does auguri cazzone mean
(The real question is who said this to you? Maybe you should try searching “pugnalata in faccia”.)

- lavoro per baby sister in Italia
(I’m assuming this person is looking for work as a baby-sitter, no? If not we need to get the child labour police out.)

- lose his arm in moto crash
(Not a nice thing to happen. Bit of a weird search tag though…)

- union jack teapot
(OK, so the British stereotypes are coming out. Unfortunately I have no UK memorabilia to purchase on my blog.)

- pincode in woodland circle
(I need an explanation for this one. No idea whatsoever.)

- Italian newsreaders cleavage
(Try the lunchtime news - Studio Aperto, 12:30,Italia 1. It never fails to satisfy)

………and my personal favourite:

- people in milano are depressing
(no comment)

7 commenti:

Leanne ha detto...

Too funny!
I came across your blog which was listed on someone elses blog - so harmless really :)

Romerican ha detto...

Hahhahaha, brilliant!

Frankie ha detto...

Just found your blog and am really enjoying it, life in Milan certainy sounds different to life here in Rome! From a fellow Brit gal in Italy

Delina ha detto...

LOL. I can't remember how I ended up on your blog but it wasn't through any wierdo search - promise. :)

Roam2Rome ha detto...

Stats are too funny sometimes.

Most of mine say "smilie code" and "Italian translations," but I have a couple "pink elephant" searches. Pink elephant??? Boh!

...If I remember correctly, I found you on Google Blogsearch a while back and subscribed.

Emmina ha detto...

Glad to hear no-one's admitting to being the "pincode in woodland circle" person...!!
I have another for you all, which I omitted from the post, but which definitely deserves a mention:

"i need luca i just close my eyes"


Елена ha detto...

gosh, that was me with "Luca cute waiter" you killed me)))) lol))))