martedì 23 settembre 2008

What next??

I’m very sad to report that this story doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.
Those of you who are aware of the ‘cultural’ ‘phenomenon’ (careful choice of words there..) of the Veline, might know what I’m talking about.
I’m sure I’ve moaned about the Veline before, but realistically when something’s bad enough you can never moan too much, right?
Just in case you don’t know, the Veline are two ‘dancing’ girls, whose job is to turn up and ‘dance’ during the opening and closing titles of a nightly comedy / satire show, and who are replaced every couple of years with younger, sluttier versions. Auditions to become a Velina take the form of an exhaustive national competition, played out on TV every night for what feels like 6 months, during which contestants are required to demonstrate a talent (actual examples include crowing like a hen, skipping with a rope, and bursting balloons with a pin – SERIOUSLY), and gyrate in the direction of the cameras in the skimpiest possible outfits until the cameraman’s eyes pop out. At the end of this very long, very mind-numbing contest, the salivating, mostly male jury decides which pair they prefer (of girls, that is), and the chosen two are launched head-long into a life of wiggling their assets at the nation, appearing in gossip magazines for no apparent reason, and ultimately marrying a footballer, before being bumped off a couple of years later when a man called Antonio Ricci decides it’s time for the new sluts on the block.
The real tragedy in all of this nonsense is that, when questioned, an alarmingly high number of young girls aspired to precisely that – to grow up to be Veline. The below article is a year or so old, but sums up perfectly well the knock-on effect of the situation as it is today.
Last night the latest Veline made their debut on Striscia la Notizia. They were dressed, made up and styled to look exactly like the last ones. They did the same dance. They made the same coquettish smiles at the camera, sat in the same legs-open pose while the (male) presenters congratulated them on their “achievement”, wiping away tears of joy as the (mostly male) studio audience whistled and applauded their efforts.
Now, not only are women putting themselves on public display, but they are doing it with a price tag and added extras. Where is this all going to end?
Is it any wonder that women struggle to be taken seriously here in the Bel Paese??

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Jessica of Too Tall for Italy ha detto...

Uhg Veline! That competition seriously drug on forever!!! At first it was entertaining to see all those desperate chicks embarrassing themselves with their "dancing", but by the end I was so appalled and stopped watching it all together. I thought the whole thing was sick, but the worst part was when they would pan over to the girl's parents, and they were all teary eyed and proud their daughters were basically glorified strippers. I swear if I ever have a daughter I will teach her self respect! She will need it in this country!

KC ha detto...

I didn't know about the selection process and I'm glad I've never had the misfortune of watching it!

When I was pregnant, I was hoping the baby would be a boy so that I wouldn't have to worry about raising a girl in this environment. Sad, I know, but true. Now I'm ecstatic to have a daughter- I love her so much and can't imagine life without my little girl- but I worry sometimes that the prevailing culture could be a stronger influence on her than my husband and I. We will just have to do our best to protect her from all this misogyny (that's what it really is, after all.)

Romerican ha detto...

Fantastic post, Emmina... Word!

Emmina ha detto...

Ha! I knew this one would get a reaction!! Did anyone notice that Mike Buongiorno was reported on the news last night as having made pretty much the exact same complaint as me?! Great minds....