giovedì 16 ottobre 2008

Strike it not so lucky (part two)

Tomorrow there's yet another General Strike:

Fire-fighters (!)
Healthcare workers
State workers

So, this post leaves you with a book recommendation to be getting on with (literally a bit behind The Times but worth it if you've not got around to reading it yet) whilst I sit on the blog picket line in protest over the lack of transport and public services.

Happy Friday everyone!!!

4 commenti:

Delina ha detto...

Am dreading the traffic tomorrow...Wonder why they pick a Friday to strike.

Piccola ha detto...

I think they probably picked Friday to have a 3 day weekend, no? I didn't read the Kite Runner book but I saw the movie and it moved me to tears. I may still have to pick up the book one of these days though. It's a good addition to any library.

Piccola ha detto...

P.S. I know you probably don't care too much about American politics but here is a piece by the author of The Kite Runner:

Di ha detto...

they're crazy!..i had a friend telling me in the begining of october:"oh!get ready, october is the month of strikes.."

seriusly i really like Milan, but this makes me angry!

(sorry about the coment(cos u dont know me..), i was just surfing the net, searching for foreigners that live in milan like me..)