venerdì 14 novembre 2008


I hope to be back in action shortly.
In the meantime I guess life will continue to take its course.
And I also hope that the old saying is true, and that time really does heal everything....

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Delina ha detto...

Oh...Are things ok?

iatoia ha detto...

Ciao Emmina!

I know that I'm probably breaking the rules of Blogland by doing this, but I'm desperate (how's that for an introduction?!). I came across your blog (cross-eyed from doing research) as I have the 'life' and the 'Luca' but not the 'lavoro'. Quite simply, I'm an American who fell in love (IS in love) with a Luca in Cremona and I don't know what to do next. I would love to 'pick your brain' for advice based on your experience. If you should be so inclined, please contact me (I believe that you're able to see my contact information).

Many thanks in advance and I truly hope that you feel better soon!


Eryn ha detto...

The saying is true...things always get better with time!

KC ha detto...

Oh no, are you alright?