lunedì 5 gennaio 2009

Back to school

It's the first day of school - well, work actually, but I have that first-day-of-school-feeling - and I made it in for 9.36. Not bad, eh? Am sitting in a very quiet office (there's 5 of us in total on the sixth floor), listening to Radio 2 from the UK over the internet. You know you're approaching 30 when you choose Radio 2 over Radio 1. English people everywhere will know exactly what I mean...

Happy New Year everyone!! So far, so good - a few kilos heavier, many hundreds of euros lighter (the pound is at 1 to 1 with the euro - it had to be done), and.... back with Luca. I guess that means I won't be changing the name of my blog to Life & Lavoro. Meno male!!

So, bombshell duly dropped, I must get back to my very busy day of updating my Facebook profile and reading the Daily Mail online.... Work starts "properly" on January 7th....

PS - the pic is of one of my all-time favourite christmas movies.... anyone know it?

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Caro ha detto...

Oh that's great news. About Luca that is, not about being back to work. I'm back today as well and am feeling frankly traumatised.

Anne in Oxfordshire ha detto...

Happy new year, good news about you and Luca!!

I know exactly what you mean about Radio 2..but we listen to Radio 1 in the morning...we love Chris Moyles and the gang..especially the chats. And in the afternoon Radio 2 and Steve Wright!!

We are not approaching 30...we are way beyond that age..!!

Looby ha detto...

Just read all your blog archives and really enjoyed it, much better than all the "under the tuscan sun" stuff, we also have a few similarities - only child, British ,moan about Italy,love living in Italy,met my man after I moved here (to open my own pizza restaurant,single, female and foreign - you can imagine)and the weirdest of all one my best friend's boyfriend works for Ralph Lauren.
Keep up the good work.
I live south of Rome and when I get round to my blog I'll link you

Delina ha detto...

Are you back into work mode then? It's been so hard for me going back this week.

I am a Radio 2 convert. I still dip into Radio 1 occasionally for a bit of Moylesy, but otherwise I'm mostly on 2. Am not old enough to appreciate Ken Bruce though lol.

Film is the Griswalds Christmas. I watched that in December - classic. Mr G and the house lights :D

Emmina ha detto...

Caro - I'm starting to get over the trauma and feel like I've never even been out of the office... Hope you're settlin back it!

Anne - Moylesy's the best! One of the things I miss about driving to work is the radio in the mornings... Here we have a guy called Fabio Volo, who is the closest Italy gets to Chris Moyles, but his show is only on from 9 til 10 so I have to be late for work everyday to listen to him!

Looby - Wow a pizza restaurant of your own.. How's it going? It sounds like we have a lot in common.... Keep in touch!

Delina - I'm not into Ken Bruce either, although I have to admit that sometimes I find myself listening to Jeremy Vine! This is a real tragedy and proof I am turning into my mother!!! And yes, the Griswald's christmas is about as good as it gets!!!

Delina ha detto...

Jezza is great. Not sure this is too cool to admit, but I sometimes even listen on an evening. Beats Canale 5 any day.