venerdì 27 marzo 2009

It's my blog and I'll RANT if I want to!

As I pulled onto the A7 motorway this morning on my way to work, the car infront of me decided he'd had enough of his lane and preferred to be in mine, even though mine was already occupied - by me. So, with no checking of mirrors or indication of any sort, he was suddenly on top of me, causing me to take evasive action and almost swerve into another vehicle in the process. Hand on horn, I flash my lights to make him aware of my presence (and, let's be honest, my wrath), to which he replies by doing what? Well, firstly the finger - not pleasant but not exactly a rarity on Milan's roads - but then a rather nasty "hand to mouth" gesture which had me retalliating with the (not very well understood) wave of the little finger, at which point he began thumping his own window (just to prove the intelligence level, or lack thereof), using just about every gesture that exists in the Italian (body) language. I mean, seriously? At 8:30 in the morning? Just how many illegal substances does a person have to consume in order to behave like that towards a complete stranger whose life THEY have just endangered. Ma che vadano a fare in culo tutti quanti!!!!!
Normal service will resume shortly.

4 commenti:

Bazzu ha detto...

ahahah =D

sei la migliore!

uno ragazzo... di milano, naturalmente

charlie ha detto...

and you are still surprised that they drive like that? I can't compare, but the A1 through Napoli is solely driven by drivers like the one you described and the only thing to do is to drive along chanting at them, "cretino, stronzo, imbecile, idioto..."

Canedolia ha detto...

An Italian friend once told me he couldn't think of any Italian words with the expressive power of "moron" (although the first comment had some good suggestions) so I take great pleasure in using that word from behind the safety of the windscreen. It's just as well I'm only ever the passenger, though, because making the abusive comments is practically a full time job!

Kataroma ha detto...

This is why I don't drive here and never will. :(