giovedì 16 aprile 2009

You found me how??

It’s time for another quick dip into the fascinating world of Search Engine keywords! Here’s a selection of some of my favourite ways in which you crazies out there came across Life, Lavoro & Luca in the past few weeks. If you recognize any of the below as belonging to you, then you are either sick, mad, desperate, or somehow entertaining in your own special way….

1. “Figo della madonna! meaning” - If you’re searching for this because someone called you that, please leave your phone number in my comments box.

2. “Cultural oddities which I realize I just have to accept as something that is different to the way in which I was brought up – like the way many I…” - If this is you, please let me know how this little story ended – I’m curious

3. “Dehydration emmina” - I’m assuming my little rambling-about-my-life blog didn’t assist with this one

4. “I guess I’ll keep my mouth shut” - ok

5. “Life Luca lavoro carpet” - Did I ever talk about a carpet? I don’t think so, but this person does appear to be looking specifically for a carpet-related post on the blog. So as not to disappoint, I can recommend a rather nice beige rug from Ikea, by the name of Hellum, for the bargain price of €69,90.

6. “Public urination england pregnant” - again, it’s a little off the subject for me, but since you ask I think you’ll find that public urination is illegal in England, whether you’re pregnant or not. Please do correct me if I’m wrong.

7. “were are most poeple from rome called luca” - if you mean “why are most people from Rome called Luca”, then the simple answer is…. They’re not. Why are most people from New York called John?

8. “caramello koalas, nyc” - are we talking candy koalas?? Or is this a breed I’ve never heard of that is native to NYC? Note to self: be more informed about flora and fauna in order to provide useful factual information when needed.

And joint first prize goes to……

9. “next time i want it in my mouth”….. and

10. “naked female ass” - you are both sick. Get your sticky hands off my blog right now!

5 commenti:

Caro ha detto...


I just get people searching to know if and why the Irish are alcoholics.

Canedolia ha detto...

I just looked for a blog about Italy that wasn't about rennovating Tuscan farmhouses and sipping wine among the olive trees.

I feel very boring now!

Anne in Oxfordshire ha detto...

I think I found you through a comment you left on someones blog...not sure though.!

Kataroma ha detto...

That is hilarious! :)

I'm the same as Canedolia. Tuscan farm house renovating while sipping wine Italian blogs are not my cup of tea - and your blog is much more my style.

BTW - Caramello Koalas are a delicious Aussie treat. Basically a chocolate koala with a tummy full of caramel. Mmmmmm.... Not sure what they have to do with Italy though.

L ha detto...

Brilliant post! I'm often baffled by the terms people use to get to my blog. Recently there's been an upsurge in "cougar" searches. I don't know whether to be offended or not.

For the record, I found your blog through Michellanea. And I'm glad I did!