lunedì 18 maggio 2009


I thought it might be time for a quick round-up of current events - also as an excuse for my poor blogging of late....

1. I had a car accident on the tangenziale di Milano 2 weeks ago and pretty much wrote my car off. It's still being repaired.

2. The very same morning, Luca came off his bike 100 metres from our apartment, because of a typical stordito local driver who wouldn't know an indicator if it hit him in the face. The bike is destroyed and Luca has 10 stitches in each leg.

3. We picked up the keys to our new apartment and started painting the master bedroom (me on the ladder, Luca on a stool with his leg up)

4. We bought a car (to replace the bike) and discovered just how much paperwork and expense is involved in what should be a simple process....

5. My best friend split up from her boyfriend after 6 years together

How's that for action?? Not to mention the heavy workload in the office til 7pm every night, packing of all our worldly goods into cardboard boxes and all of the other random everyday tasks that seem to get longer and more complicated with each day that goes by.....

Mamma mia!!! And it's only Monday!! Ce la faremo???

4 commenti:

Canedolia ha detto...

Aaahh, that sounds terrible! I hope that you are OK and that Luca gets better soon.

Anne in Oxfordshire ha detto...

Oh that all sounds horrendous...not nice at all !! I hope that things turn around for you both pretty quickly :-)

L ha detto...

Ouch! I had a mini-accident on the Tangenziale a couple of weeks ago. A little Japanese lady called Yoko rear-ended me. My car had minimal damage but hers was a write off.
Hope everything works out for the two of you.

Max ha detto...

Hello Emma and sorry to write here. Firsto af all hope that these bad things are passed.

Mi name is Max and I carry a social project:

With some friends we introduced in Italy Touch Rugby or Touch Football (as it is known in Australia).

A minimum contact sport (and maximum fun) where boys and girls play in the same time.

I am trying to recruit some new member who like sport and fitness and sociable people.

Can you help me in some way?