mercoledì 17 giugno 2009

Two posts in two days...'s a miracle!
I just had to recount the very Italian conversation I just had with my colleague, G. Obviously, this conversation took place in Italian, but I've translated it for the sake of the blog. If you know anything about the Italian character, it's sure to make you smile:

G: "I don't feel all that good. Maybe I'm going down with something"
Me: "Really? What's wrong?"
G: "Oh just a bit of nausea, headache, maybe a touch of fever"
Me: "Wow, sounds bad - I wonder why you feel like that?"
G: "It's probably because this morning was quite cold and now it's hot outside"
Me: "But you're inside"
G: "Yes but I can see through the windows that it's hot"

3 commenti:

Caro ha detto...

Poor thing probably got hit in the stomach by a stray air current. Some fear ebola, Italians fear the deadly colpo d'aria.

KC ha detto...

That's so funny, but sometimes I feel really bad for them. It must be so hard having your physical and psychological well-being depend upon fluctuations in air temperature, and whether there's a breeze.

Dame Aurélie ha detto...

yeah, that's SO true!!! It's something I notice every time, and ironically Italians, when you try to tell them about this crazy fear for air/wind/hot-and-cold things, they deny it all!! Worse, they find 100 ways to justify it.
Insane. La febbre (fever) seems to be a very italian thing.... :-)