venerdì 2 aprile 2010

Bella della zia!

It’s holiday time, work is slow and I’m on a roll! You could say I’m on a blog roll….Hahaha…

Last Saturday was our little niece, Carolina’s 5th birthday, and so, being the generous zii that we are, we went and bought the biggest gift we could find (it would appear that the physical size of the package is of vital importance when buying presents for small children – we’ve slowly caught onto this over the past few years). Given the family bar/caffè/restaurant business, it seemed entirely appropriate to give her the latest in hospitality technology for the under 6s: the Bialetti mini-kitchen, complete with old-style espresso caffettiere and mini-vileda magic mop! It was a huge success, with Carolina and her younger sister, Maddalena taking it in turns to serve fake coffee to the whole family, taking care to fake-stir the fake sugar and fake-mop up the fake spills. Oh to have the imagination of a five year-old!
The other big success gift-wise was the princess dress you can see in the picture above (I couldn’t resist sharing)– personally delivered by Zia (Auntie) Concetta, who had made the trip from the wilds of inland Sicily, specifically for the occasion. I had never met this aunt before (Luca’s mum’s sister), and despite attempts to warn me, I wasn’t quite prepared… Imagine if you can the typical Zia Concetta – fat and jolly, who arrives in Milan unannounced on a one-way ticket, bringing with her two suitcases filled with home cooking, Sicilian cakes, oil, wine, ham, cheese and all those other items that people from the south are convinced don’t exist north of Rome. Booming voice, the tendency to hug the breath out of you and sloppy kisses on pinched cheeks… she had it all! When we asked her how long she was planning on staying, the response was a long, over-exaggerated shrug and that very Italian expression that literally means “no idea” – “boh!”. This, accompanied by copious eye-rolling by Luca’s dad and a combination of amusement and exasperation by his mum. Luca’s managing the restaurant on Easter Sunday so I will be taking myself off to the family lunch without him. No doubt I will come away with plenty of stories, a couple of extra kilos on the hips and enough leftovers to get us to ferragosto….


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Anne in Oxfordshire ha detto...

Such a brilliant gift, my granddaughter loves her kitchen.

I can just imagine the aunt you described ..we don't have any of those in my family :-) :-)

Lots of fun had by all, I would think. Enjoy your family meal too!

The Independent Rage ha detto...

Gobierno decreta "zona de catàstrofe" desde Valparaíso a la Araucanía. Esto agiliza entrega de recursos!

Titi Salazar ha detto...

I ran into your blog and let me tell you that I love it! I happen to have also lived a love/hate relationship with Italy. My overall experience does not differ much from yours, only I'm from Latin America and went to live to Southern Italy, so the cultural shock was greater, basically because it's another Italy than the one you describe. I have long related my Italian experience from beginning to end in my blog, but it's in Spanish.
Best regards!