lunedì 17 settembre 2007

Big city life

It has been brought to my attention that the previous posts may have been ever-so-slightly negative in their tone, so in an attempt to redress the balance, I have decided to share with you a few of the reasons why I like living in Milan. Let's get one thing straight from the start: Milan is not typical of your average Italian city. In many ways it has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the country whatsoever. It feels at times like you are forced you to endure many of the negative aspects of city life - endless traffic jams, pollution, dirt, extortionate prices - whilst being deprived of the potential benefits - efficient public transport, shops open at all hours, a cosmopolitan mindset... At the end of the day, Milan is a bit like an over-grown provincial town which struggles to accomodate its growing population, and doesn't seem to have learned from its other European equivalents. Look at me, I'm bitching again.

So anyway, reasons why I like living in Milan are:

1. The weather is almost always better than in the UK - you can eat lunch outside practically every day from April to October.

2. Places like Florence, Rome, Venice, The Alps, Switzerland, the Ligurian coast are just a stone's throw away.

3. Good quality food and wine at reasonable prices - both in the supermarket and when eating out.

4. The Milan aperitivo - purchase a drink and you can help yourself to food from the buffet until you are fit to burst.

5. Saturday brunch à la New York style (-ish) - this is catching on fast, and gives you the opportunity to stay in bed until midday and still make it in time for eggs and bacon.

6. Truly great cappuccino - my personal favourite is to be found at Bar XXI Secolo in Via Procaccini...

7. Shopping. Say no more.

Wow I made it to seven! Maybe city life isn't so bad after all..... Or maybe I should write a list of the things I dislike about Milan. I would probably get to seventy-seven, so I shall quit whilst I'm ahead.

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