martedì 22 gennaio 2008

Busy busy busy

Dammit I just can't seem to find the time to do anything at the moment!! What with leaving the office at stupid-o'clock every evening (cioè around 19:30 - late no?!!), sticking to my promise to frequent the gym at least twice a week, catching up with friends, going to the supermarket, hanging out with Luca's family, plus the usual everyday cooking / cleaning / watching back-to-back episodes of Ugly Betty on DVD..... well, it's been hectic. I am determined to find something interesting to blog about AS SOON AS!!!!
Actually, one thing practically leaps to mind. Someone gave up their seat for me on the tram on Saturday. I am neither elderly, nor pregnant (and couldn't be mistaken for it, thank you very much(!), nor disabled... yet a young South American guy actually stood up and gave me his seat! It was so confusing that I didn't get it, and thought he was getting off the tram, so I didn't even thank him. He must have thought I was a really ungrateful cow! It was only when he just stood there for another 6 stops that I realised what had happened. Not sure whether to take the feminist high ground and suggest that it's chauvanistic to suggest that a perfectly healthy young woman is any less capable of standing on a tram than a young guy... Or marvel at the old-fashioned gentile gesture which is so rare these days.... And there I go sounding like my mother AGAIN!
Talking of chauvanism, there's a new guy at work who I might just have to kill if he calls me "Bellezza" or "Bellissima" or "Carissima" one more time. It's the office equivalent of the building site mating call of "Awright darlin!!!"....

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Kataroma ha detto...

Wow that's so nice about the South American guy giving up his seat- Chivalry lives (at least in South America!)

I'm pregnant and no one has (yet) given up their seat for me on public transport. It'll be interesting to see what happens at rush hour on the Rome metro when I'm really huge I'm only at 17 weeks though so I'm still at the "fat or pregnant?" stage.

Emmina ha detto...

I did wonder whether I might have come across as pregnant - but had been to the gym the night before and was feeling quite flat-tummed... My friend who has just had a baby here had to ask people to give up their seats on the commuter train 90% of the time, even when she got to the last couple of months!