mercoledì 16 gennaio 2008

Rock 'n' Roll

We're watching Grand Designs dubbed into Italian. We do this pretty much every evening after dinner and before washing the dishes - it's yet another sign that, with each day that goes by, Luca and I are gradually turning into my parents. Or at least leading a lifestyle that they agree with. As I approach my 28th birthday, the days of maxing out my credit card with no idea as to how I would cope with the bills, and downing cocktails in one go, become more and more distant. At the office coffee machine earlier today, a colleague asked me what I wanted, and I said "a B52 please". "You don't look like a B52 drinker!" was his response. I didn't think to ask what I did look like, but it kind of suggested that my party girl days are well and truly over. The really strange thing is that I'd rather be watching Grand Designs than ordering my sixth cocktail (six was my perfect number back in the day), and a night at home with Luca, a pizza and a DVD is a million times more tempting than paying 30 euros to get into an impossibly pretentious nightclub, where the drinks are 10 euros each, and the toilets are permanently occupied by groups of 18 year-old stick insects doing as much coke as daddy's allowance will permit them to purchase.
A big indicator of this 'new era' is that my close friends have started having babies. That's when you know you're a proper grown-up!
So, Grand Designs is over, Luca's in the shower and I'm about to wash the dishes - it's a rock 'n' roll life here in Milan...

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